Leadership Training for Microsoft Managers

Leadership development has meant different things in different times. The modern leader knows that it means developing the skills needed to motivate the modern team. These necessary skills can be learned through a leadership development training program. Working your way up the ladder at Microsoft, you've experienced numerous leadership styles. You've probably asked yourself what kind of leader you want to be.

At Microsoft, employees don’t want to be told what to do. The savvy leader must influence their choices and assist them in reaching their goals, win the team over to your point of view and inspire! You can learn how to convey this inspiration by focusing on your leadership skills development. This management leadership training course will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; and, as a result, make you a vital part of Microsoft's future. Investing in leadership development training will help you build a stronger team, which will ensure you are more likely to make a stronger impact.

Who Should Attend

Leadership Training for Microsoft Managers benefits managers who have 5 or more direct reports and will benefit any manager looking to be a stronger leader. It's a managed action plan to enhance communication, interpersonal skills and leadership skills development in order to achieve outstanding results

Upon completion of this leadership development course, You will be able to:

  • Define what kind of leader you are and aspire to be
  • Understand the individuals on your team more deeply
  • Coach your direct reports for higher levels of performance
  • Negotiate more effectively through conflict
  • Recognize individual and team success
  • Delegate and hold people accountable
  • Manage your time (and your employees') more wisely
  • Analyze problems and make decisions more effectively


Leadership Training for Microsoft Managers is a management leadership training program running once a week for 3.5 hours for seven or eight weeks (format varies depending on location). This proven, time-spaced learning methodology allows you to practice between sessions so that these principles become part of your skill set.

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